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Email: TylahKapa@gmail.com

LinkedIn: Tylah Kapa

Twitter: @JadeKapa


Who Am I?

Hi there!

I'm Tylah Kapa, a game developer from Gisborne, New Zealand living in Brisbane, Australia!

I've been a game developer for just over two years now, and in that time, I've gone from being a person who knew nothing about game development to a confident programmer and project manager! I'm currently on the home stretch of my studies at SAE Qantm, and plan to take my skills abroad once I gather the intense knowledge and experience required to do so. Throughout my short time as a game programmer, I've found myself familiarised with the Unity engine and the C Sharp, C++, Javascript (Node.js) and Python languages. I'm no master of these languages, but I love to toy around in them, and see what I can do.

There's nothing that I would love more than to have people play games I've worked on and come away from it thinking "That was awesome!". 

To me, the best story is presented, yet untold. Pieces left behind for a community of passionate people to find and place together. Watching stories like this come together, seeing the story grow only bigger with each piece of evidence truly excites me. I would love to write some of the lore for a world like this at some point in the future, perhaps for my own game.