BeerSLAM! is a project that my peer Jack Pettit and I undertook as a part of the BeerSK Game Jam 2017. This project was just a simple local-multiplayer fighting game that we will perhaps take further in the future should we have the means.

 BeerSLAM Main Menu

BeerSLAM Main Menu

 Playing BeerSLAM!

Playing BeerSLAM!


August 2017 - Published to and submitted for exhibition at Bar SK


  • Designing primary mechinics
  • Designing user feedback and interface
  • implementing mechanics and systems
  • documentation and iteration
  • management of the project/team

Project Time Frame

7 Days - Part-time

Tools Used:

  • Unity3D
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • C#
  • Sourcetree/Gitkraken
  • Google Drive